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Posted by Cecil - November 20th, 2015

444444TAG Heuer is such a brand that makes achievements very late, although it stepped into the chronograph in the early stage. TAG Heuer’s coalition, in the middle of last century, was struggled and competed with other coalitions in the chronograph watch field, and the well-known Calibre 11 is the result of this fierce competition. But the landmark of beating other rivals and becoming the lead in the chronograph field was arrived after 2010 when the release of Pendulum make high-frequency chronograph become possible. The original precision, which was 1/100 second, have jumped up to 1/2000 second. At the meantime, the magnetism, which a taboo for watches, is a piece of cake for TAG Heuer as the magnetic balance wheel is applied to replace the original hairspring balance wheel.


For the Tag Heuer Monaco, as a sport watch, security is the first when wearing on. A watch like this will have secure fold-up clasp. The fold-up clasp can adjust the length of the strap and is convenient for operation. But for such a secure clasp, it might be thick, so it is not for the daily use. In addition to other watches, replica tag heuer uk is pleased to show its movement to others. Calibre 6 is the very movement that is applied in the most movement, so it is enough for the most people in the daily use.


The reason why we think this TAG Heuer Monaco watch is wild is the boa skin because the boa has different meaning in myth and human civilization. After stepping into the alligator skin, it has different taste. The reason why we think it is naughty is the personality. It get rid of strict from the tradition so it is easier for people to get accustomed to it. As it is pretty satisfying, people who love rectangular replica watches could think about the Monaco watch.

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